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The University Speaking Center provides faculty with consultation support and instructional workshop services for the students in their classes. Our support is designed to help speakers further develop their own oral communication confidence and competence. We provide peer-to-peer feedback, guidance, and other support in the areas of public speaking preparation and delivery, interpersonal communication, and group or team communication.

We also support faculty as public speakers themselves. Some faculty come to us for support in using PowerPoint or Prezzi for classroom presentations while others seek feedback as they prepare for presentation at academic conferences. Our director is available to UNCG faculty who might be looking to get feedback on their own classroom communication.

When working with speakers our plan is to meet them where they are. We have no particular expectations of preparedness.

The Speaking Center is located along with the Writing Center in 3211 MHRA. We are on the third floor. MHRA is on the corner of Forest and Spring Garden - diagonally across the street from the Mossman Building