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Student Voices

"I just wanted to follow up and extend a big thank you for your advice a few weeks ago. I gave my presentation at the NC Geographic Information Science conference on March 1 and felt so much more confident after implementing your suggestions for a better introduction and conclusion.
Additionally, thank you for advising me to use the mouse to point rather than turning around to point at the screen. What a difference that makes! I saw other people doing that all day, and you were right -- that is a good way to lose the audience.

Thank you again, it was a pleasure working with you and I really appreciate your help."
--Best Regards, Anita Henderson, UNCG Grad Student

"I thoroughly enjoyed last week's [workshop] presentation. Public speaking is a weakness of mine and I found the information and examples provided very helpful. I have utilized the speaking center [one-on one tutoring] services and would highly recommend them to anyone who struggles with public speaking."
--MPH Student, February 2005

"I felt as though I had more confidence in public speaking when I left the [workshop] presentation. I plan on using the articles and the knowledge that I gained from them to help in [my] future presentations. I liked the way they were so excited about providing us with this information and that they too used the skills that they were talking about. I may actually go to the speaking center now because I have heard them speak."
-- MPH Student, February 2005

"I feel that by going to just this one visit, I learned some vital skills to help me through this speaking intensive course."
--Dana Thornton, Bryan Business School

"Going to the speaking center made me all around more comfortable when it came down to doing my speech in front of my peers. They were friendly and answered all questions that I needed answered, the speaking center was an overall great experience for me"
--Ray Bristow

"I know now that I can get in front of a group of peers and give a speech with confidence."
--Catherine Ozgunduz

"From my experience, I feel that the speaking center here on campus is a good source you should make use of!"
--Shua Lor

"The Speaking Center was a very helpful place to help me deal with the anxiety I used to have before giving the speech."
--Kevin Keene

"I can get up in front of an audience and feel confident about myself and what I have to say."
--Ashley Hart

Faculty Voices

I had my students from the Speaking Center come to my Communication Ethics class and do a workshop on group facilitation and group presentations - communication in groups. The students really got into it. It was very interactive and was very lively. The cool thing that I noticed was that afterwards, throughout the rest of the semester, not only did they use the things that were taught in the workshop, but they kept talking about it. They invoked the language that was used in the workshop and they applied the concepts to their own group work and their presentations. I thought that was very effective. I also have had numerous students in that same class (a Speaking Intensive class) go to the center to get help with their presentations. Because it's Speaking Intensive they do a number of presentations and I can almost always tell the students who have been in and been coached against the students who have not practiced at all. There's a very sharp difference between the two. So I think it's clearly a very effective service for students.
--Dr. Christopher N. Poulos, Associate Professor, Communication Studies

Thanks so much for coming to speak to our class! They and I really enjoyed it. You did really well and I believe the students are now much better prepared going forward.

Bill Evans, MPH, MCHES, Assistant Head, Department of Public Health Education

Thank you so much for taking the time to come talk to my class. I really appreciated the information about how to generate a good discussion. You gave lots of helpful hints that will undoubtedly produce better presentations. I will go over the handouts with the class the next time we meet to explain the last little section we did not get to. I will definitely recommend your workshops to other 102 teachers.

--Erin, ENG 102 Faculty

Thanks for all you do to help us. Listening to approx. 300 speeches and group presentations each semester would be overwhelming without your team's helping with some of them.

--Carol Steger, CST 105 Faculty

At the beginning of this term (for a capstone course assignment), I required the MGT 309 students to visit TSC for a walk-through of their persuasive team speech. The results were wonderful.

The students themselves told me repeatedly that they received excellent help - every team that mentioned you spoke of a helpful and enjoyable experience. I could see the impact in persuasion, in speech organization, in team synergy and in increased confidence. Wow...just wonderful.

Thanks for the support and excellent work. Count on me sending more students to you.
--Dianne Garrett, Faculty, Bryan School of Business & Economics

My [CCI 323] students are benefitting greatly from their visits to the Speaking Center. I had one student who did not fulfill this requirement, and the difference was striking.
--Maura Heyn, Department of Classical Studies

Last night's presentation went very well and the [graduate] students thought it was a good use of class time -- they just wish they'd had this in the fall.
--Susan J. Buck, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science

Overall MGT 309 students were pleased with their Speaking Center experience. I think all the help they can get is useful. Some students said that this was the first time they had to do an individual speech after taking CST 105 because most of the time they give team presentations, so there seems to be a need to practice more individual speeches.
--Angelika Kausche, The Bryan School of Business and Economics

Thanks so much for your presentation on outlines and speaking skills. The students were grateful to have hand-outs as points of reference as they prepare their two-part speaking presentations. I shall also encourage them to take advantage of the opportunity to practice with constructive feedback from Speaking Center consultants.
--K.Porter Aichele, Department of Art

Staff Voices

I'm Geoff Bailey with the Student Success Center and we've utilized the University Speaking Center for a variety of training needs for our tutors. In particular, we've had them come in and facilitate sessions on immediacy and helping our tutors understand the impact that environment has on fostering excellent relationships with their students. So we're really excited to be able to support them and we definitely recommend that other groups and organizations take advantage of the wonderful services that they have.
--Dr. Geoff Bailey, Associate Director, Student Success Center

As I'm working with students who need additional academic support, one thing I find that continually trips up students are the speaking intensive classes or any class that requires a presentation. I know that any career path that a student chooses is going to have components of public speaking incorporated into it somehow, so I love that there's a place on campus that I can refer these students to. Students are relieved to hear there's someone who will sit down with them and help them prepare their presentation and practice their public speaking skills. The online consultations and the face-to-face consultations, they're just wonderful. I love the Speaking Center.
--Holly Grabowski, Coordinator of Academic Outreach, Students First Office

With your help this year I have been able to have more confidence in my public speaking, As a result, my last evaluations turned out great!
--J. Smith

Thank to everyone who helped me with my speeches. It really made a difference.
--Chris Fay, Grounds

Community Voices

I am a high school English teacher in Virginia, and I received a scholarship from College Board to attend the Advanced Placement (AP) English Language training/ conference at The College of William and Mary. Teachers from all over the United States attended this training. AP Language is a subject that revolves around using rhetoric, and students who receive a 3 or higher are potentially able to receive three college English credit hours.

With that said, I brought up the UNCG Speaking Center website as a resource for finding information on rebuttals, the Toulmin model, Monroe's Motivated Sequence, etc. The AP consultant/teacher of 22 years/AP presenter/former debate coach went back to his hotel, reviewed the website, and he informed teachers that they SHOULD DEFINITELY use the website and that the website is EXCELLENT!!
--Alexandra Vizzier, English Teacher in Virginia

My storytelling colleagues and I were delighted last week with the wonderful workshop that you and your students put on for us. We were most impressed by both the content that you wove so naturally into the brief one hour and the very successful interactive ways in which you brought out the main points. Bravo! Bravo!
--Charlotte Hamlin, Triad Storytelling Circle

On behalf of The Arc of Greensboro, I would like to thank you and your staff for working with us to complete the Power Point presentation. The Power Point presentation was used at the 50th Anniversary Celebration/Annual Meeting at the UNCG Elliott Center on October 14, 2003. The Power Point presentation is a display of 50 years of historical memories in the form of pictures and text

Students Jennifer Moss and Sarah Wilde did an excellent job of pulling the scanned materials together. The end product is a wonderful visual experience that was enjoyed by the 200 attendees at the 50th Anniversary/Annual Meeting. Invited guests of the celebration included members and friends of The Arc of Greensboro, including Senator William Martin, County Commissioner Mary Rakeshaw, former Mayor Carolyn Allen, Dr. and Mrs. Kraus, Dr. and Mrs. Hassell, Dr. J. Weiss, several UNCG faculty and Board members, and many other community friends. The Arc of Greensboro plans to have the presentation available for viewing at several community functions including during the United Way campaign.

The Power Point presentation is a great asset to The Arc of Greensboro. This visual reminder of the past 50 years would not be possible without the services that have been provided through the University Speaking Center. The Arc of Greensboro looks forward to working with Kim Cuny and her staff on other projects that will enhance the agency's ability to meet the needs of 424,032 citizens with developmental and other associated disabilities living in the Guilford County area.
--Judy Lefaive, The Arc of Greensboro, Inc.

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