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Troy, Managing Consultant

The life of a college student involves a packed schedule and minimal sleep. My favorite Speaking Center story involves both. It was Fall semester 2018; North Carolina had just went through Hurricane Florence. Because of the hurricane, the campus was shut down and students needed to catch up on work, including going to the Speaking Center to fine tune their presentation. The Center was open late during this time. All of our consultants are students too, so we were working late to help our fellow classmates as well as trying to balance our own academics.

The interactions I had during this time are something that I will treasure forever. It is said that during times of trial, permanent friendships are built and I think this is true for John E., Gabbi and I. Gabbi, in particular, was suffering so much from the lack of sleep and refusal to go to bed at a decent hour that she became “loopy”. Everything became funny and she would not stop laughing at the interactions between me and John.

I’m glad that during a chaotic time something beautiful could grow and wouldn’t want to do it with any other group of individuals in any other environment. 

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