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Our Allan Fellows

The Allan Fellowship is designed to encourage undergraduate student staff members at The University Speaking Center to complete speaking center research or outreach projects which culminate in original academic papers.  Peter and Joan Allan established this program because they believe in the power of student voices and student action. For years, the Allan’s gift has provided more than just financial support. It has provided students with an opportunity to grow in the service of the speaking center, keeps us in the lead nationally where center related undergraduate research goes, and makes UNCG a better place for all. 

Many past Allan Fellows have presented their research at national and regional academic conferences.  A few have won awards*.  Some, who have worked under the direction of Dr. Schwartzman, one of our faulty fellows, have had their research published in academic journals**.

2020-2021      Kaisia Torrence & Yen Nguyen

2019 – 2020    Kasia Torrence, Brianna Ferraro, Steven Garfunkel**, & Brianna Ferraro

2018 – 2019    Brianna Ferraro*/**

2017 – 2018    Rebecca Ray** & Kevielle McBride**

2016 – 2017    Anna Poteat, Em Lampkin**, Corey Bussiere, & Rachel Sieczkowski**

2015 – 2016    Karen Boger*/** & Essma Boucteb*/**

2014 – 2015    Rolondo Sanchez* /** & Karen Boger*

2013 – 2014    Andria Williamson & Hannah Kasmala*

2012 – 2013    Taylor Williams & Ory Owens

2011 – 2012     Brent Frodge & Casey Mann*

2010 – 2011     Casey Mann* & Casey Mann*

2009- 2010      Jacline Carter & Molly Malone

2008 – 2009    Kiya Ward* & Kiya Ward**

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