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Ah’Nieya, Communication Consultant

My name is Ah’Nieya Bellamy and I have been a consultant at the Speaking Center for almost two semesters now. During this time I have met with many diverse speakers and have had time to get to know my speaking center family. A vivid memory I have of my time at the Speaking Center involves the speaking center staff on one of the training days for the center.


Usually, at the beginning of each semester the Speaking center has training days to refresh the staff on policies, procedures, and to get everyone acquainted. Last semester during training day we all met in the ‘round room’ to enjoy food and introduce ourselves, and we also did team building exercises. I enjoyed this time because during introductions everyone got to meet the new consultants and desk managers. I remember Lex, Nell, and Kellar introducing themselves. As a new consultant their intros made me feel good, because they seemed like open people. Even though we have different positions we often work together in the center. I also enjoyed the team building exercise. In this exercise the staff was divided into groups and we were racing each other to see who could make their toy car go the furthest. I enjoyed this time because it allowed me to see everyone’s personalities come out a little bit more; for example, John was on my team and I saw how much of a team encourager he was naturally. Bre was on my team as well, and it was fun to reconnect with her since we were in the same 390 class.


I think this training day set a good tone for my first semester at the Speaking Center. I got to enjoy free food while learning and connecting with the staff.

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