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Breanna, Communication Consultant

Throughout my three semesters at the UNCG Speaking Center I have had some very fun and interesting moments. I have learned many new things, laughed and heard many jokes, and met a lot of new people. However, out of all of those things, nothing is more memorable to me than when I met my new classmates in CST 390.

At first it was just like any other class, but as the semester went on and we were faced with the challenges of unfamiliar assignments, we began to lean on each other more and more for help. Soon enough, we had created a group chat and communicated weekly about our different tasks and what was going on in the center. We also grew even closer by attending different Speaking Center events put on my the Group cohesion Committee.

Through navigating CST 390, being a part of a group chat, and attending some of my first ever speaking center events, I am happy to say that I have found my people at the UNCG Speaking Center.

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