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My Favorite Speaking Center Story

Beginning in 2008 we moved from marketing and promoting our center to public relations. Our PR efforts find us spreading and managing information about our organization. Most of these efforts are done via electronic platforms. Our My Favorite Speaking Center Story campaign launched in fall 2015. The first phase of the campaign has our current staff telling their stories. Future phases will include the stories of both our alumni and the speakers we work with.

Cait, Desk Manager

This is a hard question to answer because I have truly enjoyed every single minute of being a part of […]

Shanelle, Managing Consultant

During the spring semester of my sophomore year, I took CST 390 where I received training on how to become […]

Katheline, Managing Consultant

It is quite difficult to have to choose a favorite moment after being at the Speaking Center for 6 semesters. […]

Shakiera, Managing Consultant

My favorite Speaking Center moment occurred a few semesters ago. I was on shift with Gabbi, Katheline, and Mary. This […]

Yarumy, Communication Consultant

On the first day of our training class, CST 390, I walked into a small and different set-up classroom with […]

Steven, Graduate Assistant

During my CST 412 internship in spring 2020, I was asked to lead a workshop in the School of Music […]


To become a consultant at the Speaking Center, you start off by taking a semester-long course called CST390. Some of […]

Elicia, Communication Consultant

At the Speaking Center, we are a family. We are very accepting to any and everyone who wants to join […]

Joshua, Communication Consultant

My favorite speaking center story was during one of the evening Tuesday shifts. It was a slow shift with no […]

DeNell, Communication Consultant

My name is DeNell and my favorite Speaking Center story is actually a CST 390 story. During this class, I met nine consultants-in-training.  […]

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