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My Favorite Speaking Center Story

Beginning in 2008 we moved from marketing and promoting our center to public relations. Our PR efforts find us spreading and managing information about our organization. Most of these efforts are done via electronic platforms. Our My Favorite Speaking Center Story campaign launched in fall 2015. The first phase of the campaign has our current staff telling their stories. Future phases will include the stories of both our alumni and the speakers we work with.

Olivia, Communication Consultant

My Speaking Center story began with my interview with Lauren for CST 390.  I felt nervous to be interviewing for […]

Ah’Nieya, Communication Consultant

My name is Ah’Nieya Bellamy and I have been a consultant at the Speaking Center for almost two semesters now. […]

Caroline, Managing Consultant

Here at the Speaking Center, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with students from all over the world. I […]

Breanna, Communication Consultant

Throughout my three semesters at the UNCG Speaking Center I have had some very fun and interesting moments. I have […]

Kellar, Desk Manager

My story is about how we interact with Peacehaven at the UNCG Speaking Center, and my first time volunteering and helping create a lesson […]

Troy, Managing Consultant

The life of a college student involves a packed schedule and minimal sleep. My favorite Speaking Center story involves both. It was Fall semester […]

Abby, Managing Consultant

In the Spring of 2018, I began my first ‘solo’ semester as a consultant. This meant that I would be […]

Laura-Ashley, Desk Manager

Even though I was “just an intern” that would only be at the Speaking Center for five weeks, I felt […]

Courtney, Desk Manager

I was given the opportunity to work as desk manager during Summer Session I. My favorite thing that has happened […]

Tyler, Graduate Assistant

This answer feels a bit like cheating, but I must say my favorite moment in the Speaking Center has been […]

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