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My Favorite Speaking Center Story

Beginning in 2008 we moved from marketing and promoting our center to public relations. Our PR efforts find us spreading and managing information about our organization. Most of these efforts are done via electronic platforms. Our My Favorite Speaking Center Story campaign launched in fall 2015. The first phase of the campaign has our current staff telling their stories. Future phases will include the stories of both our alumni and the speakers we work with.

From Sydney, Desk Manager

My favorite Speaking Center story actually is from a shift that I had during this semester. There was one day […]

From Claudia, Communication Consultant

While I have many favorite memories from my time at the Speaking Center, there is one experience that stands out. […]

From Grace, Senior Consultant

I Met My Best Friend at the Speaking Center. I was preparing my orientation speech, while in The Speaking Center […]

From Miranda, Communication Consultant

One time I was in a consultation with a female speaker who was a student in the intro level communication […]

From Jasmine R, Managing Consultant

My favorite Speaking Center story would have to be an ongoing encounter I had with an Interlink Language Center student. […]

From Tiera, Communication Consultant

I can remember my very first solo session at the Speaking Center— exciting, yet horrifying all at the same time. […]

From Kyra, Senior Consultant

One of the best things about working at the Speaking Center is that not only do I get to help […]

From Mitchell, Managing Consultant

My favorite speaking center story comes from my days in CST 390, the Speaking Center Theory and Practice course. There […]

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