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Drew Moody

BA Psychology, Communication Studies Minor, 2013
Core Member Services Supervisor, Xerox Commercial Solutions, Cary NC

My time at the speaking center equipped me with skills that now come second nature to me, skills that do not cease to leave a lasting impression on others. Although I did not have experience in the health insurance industry at the time of my interview, the company hired me on as a team leader on a Blue Cross Blue Shield campaign. Thanks to the competencies I developed while working at the speaking center I was promoted to a supervisor within three months! The competencies that earned me the promotion include giving feedback by highlighting ones’s strengths before addressing opportunities for growth, listening, and being aware of my own nonverbal communication.

My job revolves around communication. I spend 80% of my day communicating with others. Whether I am inspiring my team, giving constructive feedback to an employee, presenting at a meeting, calming an irate customer, or persuading my superiors, I am thankful for the training and experience I gained as a senior communication consultant. Working at the speaking center gave me the knowledge, skills, and confidence to speak effectively in a professional setting in both one-on-one and in group situations. I made lasting friendships and developed lifelong skills.

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