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Elicia, Communication Consultant

At the Speaking Center, we are a family. We are very accepting to any and everyone who wants to join the team and gain the knowledge of working with other students, learning how to better communicate with others in the workplace, and becoming a peer educator. 

I remember my first day shadowing in the center. My manager Kiasia was the most welcoming person. We had no appointments during my shift so we introduced ourselves to one another, the things we like to do, our future goals, and why did we choose UNCG for college. We really got to know one another on a personal level.

Before officially joining the center I took the class (CST 390) to prep myself how to become a better peer educator. My classmates in the 390 class and I were very supportive of one another. We kept each other on track throughout the semester and made sure we were all doing well physically, mentally, and emotionally, being that we were all college students.

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