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Emily, Communication Consultant

My favorite Speaking Center memory comes from when I was in CST 390, our training course as consultants. I arrived at the Speaking Center for my normal shadow hour and discovered that I would get to assist one of the graduate assistants (GAs) with a consultation including a member from Peacehaven Community Farm. During the consultation, the GA helped the member create questions for a practice interview and then I got to be the interviewee for the member to practice with. I pretended to be a chef at a restaurant in New York, and seeing the member’s responses to practicing interview skills is unforgettable.

Helping someone excited to utilize our services and someone who found joy in being at the Speaking Center made the consultation memorable. When we as a staff volunteer at Peacehaven Community Farm on Fridays, there is always at least one member who asks when they are coming back to the Speaking Center. Seeing that the members truly find our services both enjoyable and beneficial makes the consultation even more special because I know the feeling of happiness was felt on both sides—consultant and speaker.





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