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Face-To-Face Individual Consultation FAQs

How many communication consultants can I expect to work with when I come in for a consultation?

Individual speakers and teams of 2 or 3 will work with one or two consultant. Groups of 4 or more might work with multiple consultants.

What should I bring with me to my consultation?

We can help you at any stage in your speech making process; however, we will not write your speech for you! Bring a copy of your assignment, a positive attitude, and good ideas. If desired, bring your visual aids, PowerPoint, etc.

How long does a consultation last?

Individual public speaking consultations are scheduled for 30 minutes or 60 minutes depending on the speaker’s needs and the length of the speech. Most interpersonal conversation practice sessions are 30 minutes long. When you call to make your appointment we will help you figure out how much time you will need.

What if I can’t be there at the start of my appointment?

Consultants will wait for five minutes for speakers to arrive. If a speaker does not arrive after five minutes, the appointment will have to be rescheduled because there will not be enough time to get all of the session work done.

What is the latest date I can come in and get assistance for my speech?

Your appointment needs to take place not closer than two days before your final in-class presentation. This ensures ample time to apply the suggestions offered during the consultation.

How do you know if a speaker makes an appointment that does not line up with the “Two Day” policy?

UNCG’s Banner System allows our director to look up student and faculty schedules to see when a class meets. We also communicate directly with faculty members. If an individual makes an appointment that does not line up with our “two day before” policy, the director will cancel the appointment.

What if I want to practice and not receive feedback?

Contact the Jackson Library to reserve a practice room.

What if I want to learn how to operate the workstation technology in my classroom?

Call the University Teaching and Learning Center (336.334.5078) to arrange for instruction.

What if I want additional help or missed the “Two Day” before due date, appointment cut off?

On our Website click on “Resources” and then “Tip Sheets.” The Tip sheets cover topics such as group communication, persuasive speaking, organizing and delivering a speech, listening, using visual aids, PowerPoint, receiving an award, introducing a speaker, communicating with instructors, facilitating class discussions, and beginning, maintaining, and ending conversations. You’ll also see helpful chapters under resources.

We entertain quick questions during our regular hours via the chat box on our home page.

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