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Group Consultation FAQs

Why do groups make appointments to visit the Speaking Center?

To gain assistance as the group gets ready for their class presentation.

How many communication consultants can my group expect to work with when we come in for a visit?

Where possible, we assign two consultants to groups of four or more.

How long does a group consultation last?

We schedule group consultations for a full hour (45 minutes of practice and feedback followed by 15 minutes of paperwork to be done by clients and consultants). If your group has to give a presentation that is more than 30 minutes be sure to tell us when you call.

Why do all group appointments have to start on the hour?

We schedule groups to start on the hour because our staff rotates shifts each hour (on the hour).

What if one of my group members can’t be there at the start?

We can start a consultation with an incomplete group of two or more members on the hour (allowing others to join a bit late).

What happens if my group does not start on time?

If a group cannot start 5 minutes after the scheduled appointment time, we will reschedule the consultation and send a report to the faculty member indicating such.

What is the latest date that my group can come in and get assistance?

As with all of our consultations, groups need to plan to come in two days before the final in-class presentation. This ensures ample time to apply the suggestions offered during the group consultation.

How do you know if a client makes an appointment that does not line up with the “Two Day” policy?

UNCG’s Banner system allows our director to look up student and faculty schedules to see when a class meets. If a group makes an appointment that does not line up with our “two day before” policy, the director will cancel the appointment.

What if my group wants to practice and not get feedback?

You have two options:

  1. Call the University Teaching and Learning Center (336.334.5078) to reserve room in the McIver Building, the TLC’s new home, so you can record and play back your presentation.
  2. Arrange to use one of the collaboratories at the library.

What if my group is looking for a place to have a meeting?

Use this Jackson Library scheduler to reserve a room in the library.

What if my group wants to learn how to operate the workstation technology in our classroom?

Call the University Teaching and Learning Center (336.334.5078) to arrange for instruction.

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