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How can the speaking center assist my student-speakers with critical thinking?

At the speaking center we have critical conversations with speakers about their oral communication projects and goals while modeling critical thinking in the process. We also prepare speakers to participate in conversations about ideas. These conversations are an important part of the learning on our campus. We rejoice in the opportunity to work with faculty in making critical thinking the focus of course assignments which incorporate speaking center consultations.

We have developed a video goal setting consultation which promotes critical thinking.   During these 20 minute sessions, two of your students will come in ready to share their previously recorded already presented in-class speech.  During the session we will teach both students how to provide judgement and value free evaluation of their own and one another’s speech.  Then we will watch the speeches and practice doing so.  Students will leave with feedback from our consultants and the ability to critically evaluate speeches in your classroom.  When shared at academic conferences, this original pedagogical innovation has been well received regionally and nationally.  In 2018 we trained teaching assistants at Clemson University to facilitate these sessions.  

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