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Instructional Workshop FAQs

When can I order an instructional workshop?

Due to budgetary limits, client-specific workshop requests are taken on a first come, first serve basis. In all cases, client-specific workshops must be requested at least two weeks prior to the workshop facilitation date. Requests can be made as early as one semester before the desired facilitation date. In most cases, workshops cannot be presented on a Monday.

How long are these workshops?

Most of our workshops are scheduled for 50 minutes, one hour, or an hour and fifteen minutes. Some workshops have been scheduled for two or three hours with a break. A minimum of 40 minutes must be allotted for each workshop.

Why can’t a workshop last 10-15 minutes?

The forty-minute minimum is set because it allows for three topics to be covered in our signature interactive style instead of all lecture-based.

What if I don’t have 40 minutes and my group really needs help?

We can still support your needs. You can go to the resources section of our web page and get assistance in the form of tip sheets and e-reserved textbook chapters on a variety of oral communication topics. Members of your group can also make individual appointments for one-on-one or small group instruction consultations.

Who can request workshops?

Faculty, administrators, staff, student leaders, and members of Greensboro’s non-profit community can request workshops.

What topics can workshops cover?

The topics addressed relate to public speaking, group, and interpersonal communication. Sample topics include conflict management, persuasive speaking, culture shock, facilitating meeting discussions, mock trials, turning a paper into a presentation, PowerPoint, and active listening.

Where do the workshops take place?

Workshops can take place in academic buildings, dorms, or other buildings across campus including the Speaking Center Training Room. The Training Room can be used only if there are less than thirty-two audience members and the space is available.

Why are they called client-specific?

They are client-specific because they cover topics that faculty members identify as applicable in their academic class and utilize activities that reinforce key concepts that are needed for present and future class assignments. The same applies to non-academic client workshops. We tailor individual workshops to the needs of the client(s).

Where can I sign up to get a client specific workshop?

We are currently allowing workshops to be requested by this online form.

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