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Instructional Workshop, Micro-Learning Video, & Canvas Module FAQs

When can I request an instructional workshop or micro-learning video?

We are always taking request via our web form. Most of the time we need two weeks notice to get a request assigned to a team of faculty and graduate students then designed, reviewed, and ready for either live presentation or produced and ready to share via YouTube. We might have already produced what you need so do not hesitate to request – regardless of timing. We will work with you to schedule something that works for us all. Requests can never be made too early. You will hear back from us quickly.

How long are the remote live classroom workshops?

Most of our interactive workshops are scheduled for 50 minutes, one hour, or an hour and fifteen minutes. Some workshops have been scheduled for two or three hours with a break. A minimum of 40 minutes must be allotted for each workshop. The forty-minute minimum is set because it allows for up to three behavioral learning objectives (topics) to be covered and assessed in our signature interactive style. We put into practice adult training and development theory when developing and facilitating our workshops. Our prerecorded workshops for use in Canvas are similar.

What can I get for 10 minutes?

Our micro-learning videos are perfect for short instructional needs of up to 10 minutes each. We can teach to one topic per each micro-learning video.

Can you provide an oral communication module for Canvas?

YES!  Our modules include instruction, discussion, and application in the form of a required visit to the center for a peer tutoring session.  Students are instructed to upload their report form as part of the module.

What if I don’t have 40 minutes and my student-groups really needs help?

We can still support your needs. We can work with your students during regular class meeting time via Zoom breakout rooms or you can send your students to us for individual or group online consultations.

Who can request workshops?

Faculty, administrators, staff, student leaders, and members of Greensboro’s non-profit community can request workshops.

What topics can workshops cover?

The topics addressed relate to public speaking, group, and interpersonal communication. Sample topics include screen communication, podcasting, micro-learning videos, conflict management, persuasive speaking, facilitating meeting discussions, mock interviews, mock trials, turning a paper into a presentation, communicating science, elevator pitches, TedTalks, 3 minute thesis, 2 minute to win it, PowerPoint, and active listening. Any oral communication topic – no matter in person or via screen communication.

Where do the workshops take place?

While we are currently teleworking, we refuse to let that stop us from supporting your needs. Classes and groups meeting on campus can still receive our instructional workshop & video support. 

Will I get to provide feedback before you present this work for my students?

Yes! We always work with the person making the request via email or conference call.  Our goal is to develop a plan that matches what has been identified as applicable for the participants. For classes, we want to ensure that we cover the key concepts that are needed for present and future class assignments. We tailor individual workshops to the needs identified by the person making the request.

How do I request an instructional workshop, video, or Canvas module?

We are currently accepting instructional workshop and micro-video requests via this online form.

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