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What Happens During A Typical Face-to-Face Group Consultation?

If you plan to visit us for a consultation, here are some ideas about what should happen:

You arrive within 5 minutes of your scheduled appointment time.

It’s important that the consultation starts on time so that we can finish up on time. If we can’t start by 5 minutes after we’ll need to reschedule. We can start even if someone is missing from your group.

Your group will be greeted by the staff and directed to the room in which your consultation will take place.

The consultant(s) who will work with your group will introduce themselves, get some information from you, offer you an overview of what is to come, and ask you to identify what it is your group wishes to accomplish during the session.

If your group is planning a public speaking practice session, your group will present your speech.

This includes setting up any equipment you need to use, getting relaxed and ready, asking any questions or explaining any situations or things that you think the consultant(s) should know before your group starts to actually present. When your group is ready, you’ll tell the consultant(s) and they’ll start the stopwatch.

Your group presents.

While your group is talking, the consultant(s) will take some notes on things they think you are doing really well on and some things they think you and your group members might do to improve your presentation. Remember to relax; this is not for a grade. We don’t judge or criticize, we offer feedback and guidance.

When your group finishes, the consultant(s) will ask how you all think it went.

Your group is the first one who gets to comment. When you’re finished, the consultant(s) will go through the report form with your group and give each of you feedback on your organization, delivery, or anything else that you’ve asked them about. If you have concerns or comments that you don’t hear covered, ask the consultant(s) and s/he will give you feedback on that too. Make sure you get all of your questions answered. That’s what we’re here for.

If you are looking for help with the organization of your individual or group presentation, you’ll have a seat.

This type of session involves our offering some combination of instruction, guidance, and feedback as we work with you on planning your next speech. While we cannot write the speech for you, we can help with topic choices, thesis formation, research, organization/clarity of message, style, and more.

You get to give feedback, too.

The consultant(s) will ask all members of your group to complete a feedback online survey or form. It’s very quick and it is just a way for us to find out how things are going. You each get to have privacy while you do this.

The consultant will make each of you a paper copy of the report form or they can email it to you.

This way each of you get to take something with you that reminds you of what things you discussed in your consultation. If you want a second copy that your group can hand to your professor, just let us know.

You get to head back to your regular schedule.

Your group will be leaving with improved confidence, a copy of the report form, and an invitation to come back anytime.

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