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Jade, Communication Consultant

Working with Interlink students is an amazing experience, and it’s something that I really appreciate about working at the Speaking Center. Interlink students are some of the most dedicated students I have ever encountered and consultations with them are never dull.

They are dedicated to their studies and to learning and improving their English speaking skills. They are very open and eager to a ask questions, and participate in discussion and conversation with us. Learning English can be (and is) very hard for anyone. The amount of time the Interlink students dedicate to coming to the SC is very admirable.

During the summer, we work with many English language learning Interlink students. Because of the volume, it is very easy to connect and establish working relationships with them. This was my first summer/session working at the Center. On Thursdays I got to participate in The Conversation Club. I did not know what to expect. Everyone in the Speaking Center was excited to participate. We decided to create a Bingo game.

For the game, we would divide the students into small groups, and ask them questions. If the group had a question, they would cover it with a slip of paper and answer the question among their group members. The game was going well, and while I was calling out the questions, one student said that he wanted to read a Bingo question to the group.

After reading the question, he decided he wanted to take on my role – and read every Bingo question! This of course was surprising to the group, but to me it was great to see the student take this turn in his journey to learning the English language. I left satisfied and happy that I was able to help that student (and others) with whatever questions they had, and ultimately I had an amazing time.

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