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Jasmine R, Managing Consultant

My favorite Speaking Center story would have to be an ongoing encounter I had with an Interlink Language Center student. He was very quiet and insecure about his English speaking capabilities. He explained how the courses were challenging and that he couldn’t quite grasp the grammar.

I offered tips on how to improve, such as watching Youtube videos with English subtitles, interacting with friends in English, skimming the dictionary, etc. He agreed to take my advice, however, I still could sense that he felt discouraged. As he continued to come in for sessions over the course of the semester, I watched him make a complete transformation. His pronunciation was becoming more articulate, even his body language had improved…he sat more upright and seemed more engaged.

This is one of my favorite stories from the Speaking Center because I felt as if I had made a direct impact on someone else’s life. It was an amazing experience, and helped me become more confident in myself as a speaker, as well as consultant at the University Speaking Center.

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