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Sam, Communication Consultant

My favorite speaking center memory is centered around taking the Speaking Center Theory and Practice course (CST 390). It is the Communication Studies course that we take to learn about how to be engaged communication consultants. My favorite Speaking Center memory was when our director, Kim introduced “Cupcake Mondays” to us. Cupcake Mondays are when someone who works at the Speaking Center bakes cupcakes for all of us after a busy week of exceptionally well done consultations. This motivated me to work on being a better consultant, engaging with speakers I worked with, and interacting more with my classmates. One reason that Cupcake Monday’s motivated me was because I love food, so I enjoyed the idea of being rewarded with cupcakes. Another reason was because the cupcakes were a symbol of gratitude, showing us that our work was appreciated and that we are all improving in our work done at the Speaking Center. This is important to me because I always try to work towards being a better consultant and I want to continue improving my skills when I am in my consultations/appointments with speakers. CST 390 encouraged me to strive for achieving my goals and improving my abilities. I appreciate what the course taught me!

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