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Laura-Ashley, Desk Manager

Even though I was “just an intern” that would only be at the Speaking Center for five weeks, I felt included and at home right away. The consultants and faculty are so friendly and engaging; they made sure I didn’t feel lonely sitting by myself at the front desk. Since there was some free time during the summer semester, I was invited on multiple occasions to join in on different activities with kids from a theater camp with the Interlink students. At the theater camp, Abby and I played games with the kids that included practicing improv. With the Interlink students, we would play games and engage in conversation that helped the students improve their English fluency. I think it’s great that the Speaker Center takes the extra initiative to reach out to the community and work with different groups of people instead of merely staying in the office. If I wasn’t about to graduate I would love to work here as a consultant. I love the people and the work they do!


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