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Mitchell, Managing Consultant

My favorite speaking center story comes from my days in CST 390, the Speaking Center Theory and Practice course. There were three specific consultants at the SC who truly brought me into the family, and really made me feel like I was of great importance here. Their names were Rachel, Natalie, and Hannah.

All of these women would always include me in conversations, ask me how I was doing/ how 390 was going, and even asked if I ever wanted to go hangout with them. I remember the one day they dropped off their phone numbers in my box just to emphasize how great they thought I was and that they really wanted to hang out with me. This led me to go to my first ever Chili’s night with the SC crew.

I ended up being the only 390 student to go and I originally felt really out of place and afraid of my environment. Yet Rachel, Natalie, and Hannah made sure I was 100% involved in conversation and made me feel very at peace while there. This helps me now today to make sure that I involve every single coworker while at work within discussions or after work activities if the occasion comes up.

This is a double effect for 390s. I want them to especially feel welcomed to this new environment, and to be able to feel like they can give 100% to the speaking center each day. This is my favorite memory here at the center.


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