Call for Proposals

Communication Centers: Find Your Voice

The theme of this year’s gathering, Communication Centers: Find Your Voice, invites participants to share their experiences, innovations, and ideas with Communication Center faculty, students, and professionals. We seek to understand where your voice fits as we overcome obstacles, progress with our research, learn lessons, help others, grow our organizations, remain relevant, extend civic engagement, support difference, meet student-speakers where they are when they arrive, integrate new ways of learning, explore new technologies, identify new theories, change the way we collaborative with our partners (on and off campus),  and reinvent what we are currently doing. 

At this year’s conference we seek to understand what role voice played as we look back, celebrate the voices where we are, and look forward to how voice will play a role in propelling communication centers forward.

Details for each of the 6 types of non-competitive proposal sought, including submission instructions, can be found here.

Information about each of the competitions can be found here. 

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