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Excellence at the Center Conference

nacc1In 2001 speaking center and communication lab directors were invited to gather and share information in the ongoing pursuit of communication excellence at the center.

In 2002 attendees started working on a constitution for an organization of Communication Center professionals.

At the 2003 meeting, attendees voted to form the National Association of Communication Centers.

By 2004, student attendees greatly outnumbered faculty/directors.

In 2007 top paper awards were first granted to graduate and undergraduate students.

The 2008 attendees voted to approve procedures and criteria for the evaluation of center directors.

At the 2010 meeting, a faculty/director paper competition was added and attendees approved a certification process for the training programs that our peer tutors complete.

In 2012 an exploratory committee was charged with considering the launch of a speaking center journal.

In 2014 the NCA Outstanding Tutor nomination expanded from one winner to two which allowed separate nominations for both undergraduate and graduate students.

In 2016 attendees celebrated the December launch of the Communication Center Journal and continued a conversation about the nature of NACC as an organization.

In 2018 attendance was at 150, a record high for this gathering.

In 2019 a Friday morning pre-conference was piloted. 

In 2020 & 2021 the conference was 100% virtual



East Carolina University

Clemson University

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2019 University of North Carolina Greensboro Click Here (Web)
2018 James Madison University Click Here (Web)
2017 Grand Valley State University Click Here (Web)
2016 Carlow University Click Here (Web)
2015 The University of Mary Washington Click Here (Web)
2014 Arizona State University West Campus Click Here (PDF)
2013 University of North Carolina at Greensboro Click Here (Web)
2012 Eastern Kentucky University Click Here (Web)
2011 University of Richmond Click Here (PDF)
2010 DePauw University Click Here (DOC)
2009 University of Pennsylvania Click Here (Web)
2008 University of Wyoming & University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Click Here (PDF)
2007 University of North Carolina at Greensboro Click Here (Web)
2006 University of Nebraska at Omaha Click Here (PDF)
2004 University of Mary Washington Click Here (PDF)
2003 University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Click Here (PDF)
2002 Butler University  
2001 University of Richmond Click Here (PDF)


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