Organizational Coaching Sessions


Fall & Spring Semester Semester
Monday-Thursday: 10am-7pm
Friday: 9-12noon
Saturday: closed
Sunday: 4pm-8pm

Organizational Coaching Sessions

Organizational coaching sessions revolved around brainstorming, outlining, and framing the topic to the audience and the assignment. These sessions were scheduled for 60 minutes taking place in any vacant JSNN classroom. Due to inclement weather, two organizational coaching sessions were conducted online using Google Hangouts. Two aids were commonly utilized during these organizational sessions: 1) powerpoint slides, and 2) whiteboards. Powerpoint slides seemed to help groups with outlining and organizing their presentations. Also, groups would use their powerpoint slides to talk through their presentations with Williams. Whiteboards were utilized during organizational coaching sessions. At first Williams would use the whiteboard to record the thoughts of the group members. In one instance, Williams handed the white board marker to a group member and witnessed an increase in the group’s synergy. After that instance, Williams would write the parts of speech on the whiteboard and deliberately bring different color markers for each group member. At the end of these sessions, Williams would provide feedback to the group and establish an action plan to prepare for the practice coaching session. Before leaving, group members would take pictures of their whiteboard notes.

This is part of The University Speaking Center at UNC Greensboro’s archival account of communicating science pedagogy developed and/or facilitated by Kim Cuny, Erin Harrison, Taylor, Williams, Jenny Southard, and Miranda Tonkins. Most of these interventions were funded by a UNC Greensboro INNOVATE grant.

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