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Our Alumni Continue to Impact Communication Centers 

While we are proud as we keep up with the rich personal and/or professional lives of all our grads via FaceBook, we are especially thrilled when they continue to impact communication centers after UNCG.   Check out these communication center accomplishments:

Alyssa Davis, Director of Clemson’s Communication Studies Lab and one of our former graduate assistants, won the top Ferguson Research Paper award from the National Association of Communication Centers.  This co-authored research found that students who came in for support got higher grades on in-class speeches than those who did not. The Ferguson award is named for Joyce Ferguson who worked to establish our speaking center 16 years ago.

Taylor Williams, a former Graduate Assistant Director, was named the 2017 Outstanding Graduate Tutor by the National Communication Association. Taylor has accepted a handsome teaching assistantship in Communication Studies and so her students will be visiting our center soon. 

Karen Boger will continue her speaking center studies at Southern Mississippi University where she has accepted an assistantship in the Speaking Center with tuition covered.

Rachel Sieczkowski will continue her speaking center studies at the University of Rhode Island where she has landed a teaching assistantship which includes speaking center responsibilities and a tuition stipend. 

Evan Zakia O’Donnel (McGill University) and Will Bryant (Augusta University), two of our former graduate assistants, have each co-authored a communication center publication with our director Kim Cuny.

Karen Boger and lead author, Dr. Roy Schwartzman have published their most recent communication center research.  They also presented related research at the Global Communication Conference. 

Tiera Gibson, one of our former undergraduate consultants, was named the 2017 Outstanding Undergraduate Tutor by the National Communication Association for her work at UNC Charlotte.

Erin Ellis, our Associate director and a former graduate assistant, was elected Vice Chair of the National Communication Association’s Communication Centers Section.

Jenny Southard has been appointed, Communication Studies Lecturer with additional duties as our Center Coordinator.  Jenny previously worked with us as both an undergraduate and graduate student.


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