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Do You Want to be a Communication Consultant?


Communication Consultants at the University Speaking Center provide collaborative consultation, instructional workshops, develop learning materials, and orientation tours. Our consultation services include one-on-one or group assistance in organizing, outlining, presenting, managing public speaking anxiety, group presentations, interpersonal skills and so more for both on- and off-campus speakers. Consultants provide instruction and feedback in all areas of oral communication.

How to apply:

Undergraduate students interested in becoming a Communication Consultant must complete CST 390, the academic course of study attached to our hands on training. To apply for CST 390 admission you’ll need to provide proof of a 3.0 G.P.A. or higher, a faculty recommendation letter which speaks to your interpersonal communication skills and desire to help others, and a letter of personal interest that indicates (after you complete CST 390) a minimum of a one year commitment.

The application materials should be emailed to:


After reviewing application materials, an interview may be set up with one of our directors or a senior staff member. Once the interview is complete applicants are contacted by email regarding how the interview went. Interviewing does not guarantee instructor permission for registration.

For those granted permission to take CST 390:

Consultant candidates take CST 390 which focuses on peer-to-peer tutoring and adult learning development as they are acting Junior Consultants. CST 390 introduces the particulars of peer-to-peer tutoring, public speaking, interpersonal communication, group communication, and the development and facilitation of instructional support like workshops. This course is an opportunity for personal and professional growth. While it is intended that everyone in the course will be invited to return the following semester, completion of the course does not guarantee future internship or employment. Offers to return are made after careful consideration of individual professional development.

Upon successful completion of this course and approval by the director, the consultant candidates can become paid consultants for two semester scheduled based on availability around their classes and other commitments (option 1). Consultant candidates MIGHT also have the option to do a for-credit internship for a semester instead of becoming a paid consultant for two semesters (option 2). 

Option 1:

CST 390 in fall or spring followed by at least two semester of part time paid employment

Option 2:

CST 390 in fall or spring followed by one semester of CST 412 our internship course.

Communication consultants can have any major but should have strong interpersonal communication skills, enjoy working with others, have a genuine desire to help others, wish to further their leadership skills, and take pride in professional development. The CST 390 class is offered in both the spring and fall semesters. If you have general questions about working at the speaking center or the class, call 336-256-1346 and ask to speak with the manager.

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