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From Our Director: A Consultant Profile

Our consultants…

  • have completed CST 390, the three credit speaking center theory and practice course. CST 390 is a nationally certified as appropriate for speaking center consultant training.
  • are peer consultants who might also develop and/or facilitate workshops.
  • are students who work under the professional credentials and supervision of the speaking center directors.
  • are students first.
  • must have a 3.0 or higher overall GPA.
  • represent a wide variety of undergraduate majors and minors across the curriculum.
  • enter into dialogue about oral communication which is nonjudgmental and value free while consulting.
  • are never put into a situation where they are expected to assess or grade speakers.
  • are amazing listeners! Listening during consultations is what they spend nearly all of their speaking center time doing.
  • have strong interpersonal communication competencies and a genuine passion for helping others.
  • love the feeling of having made a difference after working with and meeting the needs of speakers.
  • have more knowledge about public speaking, more experience in peer-to-peer interpersonal communication, and more resources available to them in oral communication than most other UNCG students.
  • are a community of practice.
  • need to practice a speech just as much as everyone else and they always practice their workshop before they go out to present for us.
  • do not present flawless speeches as they are not professional speakers.
  • are personally invested in their own process of becoming more confident and competent oral communicators.
  • work 5-10 hours a week for us.
  • at most, offer one speaking center orientation speech or workshop each semester.
  • understand that practice is part of the process.
  • are learning new things from their experiences with speakers everyday!
  • as alumni have gone on to serve with organizations such as Americorps, advanced their studies in areas that include law, communication studies, ministry, social work, business, and counseling or have gone directly to successful careers in teaching, banking, information technology, training, sales, graphic design, case work (for Congressman Brad Miller), entrepreneurship, nursing, personal training, management, public relations, nonprofits, development, and many other fields.
  • are a pleasure to work with and it is an honor to serve as faculty mentor to them.

~Kim Cuny


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