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Rachel F., Social Media Intern

I began my academic journey at UNCG in the Fall semester of 2020, when COVID had really taken off. Because of this and the fact that I lived at home with my family, I took most of my classes online, and spent most of my time on Zoom or staring at my laptop screen. It wasn’t until my last semester at UNCG that I began my internship with the Speaking Center, and it was the first time in my college career that I felt as if I were a part of a community and formed lasting relationships. One of my favorite memories is spending Wednesday nights working virtually with Kayt, the Graduate Assistant Director and someone who I had the chance to work very closely with throughout the semester. We would spend my last hour of work together every week just talking with one another, and I am so lucky to have found people like Kayt who are kind, supportive, and also make work fun! My time with the Speaking Center was so meaningful to me in so many different ways, but the level of community that I was able to experience during my time here was irreplaceable, and I would not trade that for the world.

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