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Sample Strategies for Incorporating the Speaking Center into Coursework

HEA 331

Students in the HEA 331 are required to come to the Speaking Center for a mock press interview in which the student is an athlete and the consultant is a member of the press. The interview is recorded and then viewed by both the speaker and the consultant during the consultation. The speaker and the consultant will then discuss the interview in relation to the requirements laid out by the instructor.

CST 105- Steger

Students in Carol Steger’s CST 105 class are required to come to the center after presenting their first in-class speech. During these goal-setting consultations we watch the previously recorded presentation together (speaker provides the recording). After viewing the video we talk about the speech act and formulate a plan for the student’s next in-class presentation. While watching the speech both the speaker and consultant take formal notes. Professor Steger collects, from her students, both notes as part of the student’s grade.

ASL-Public Speaking

Student- members of UNCG’s deaf community give in-class speeches in American Sign Language as part of their coursework. In the center, consultants watch the body language of these speakers while listening to the contents of the speech spoken by the speaker’s interpreter. We then enter into a collaborative conversation which focuses on what the speakers what to discuss. Our feedback is guided by information we received from professionals who work with members of our deaf community here at UNCG.

MGT 309

In the past, students in one professor’s section were given the option of attending up to two of our open enrollment workshops for extra credit. To get credit, students register in advance, sign the attendance sheet we provide at the close of the workshop, and write a summary of what they learned in the form of a business memo (connects to the business writing instruction previously covered in class).

Current faculty require students to practice their group presentations not closer than 2 days before their final in-class due date. Groups arrange for these one hour consultations in advance by calling or stopping by.

TED 400

This internship class is taken the semester before education majors do their student teaching. The coursework includes students to videotape themselves teaching their class. The students then conduct a self-analysis of their tape after watching it. Next, students make an appointment to visit the Speaking Center to receive feedback. Consultants at the Center view the tape with the speaker and offer feedback for improved oral and nonverbal communication.

FMS 130

Students in this class must go to the Center to practice each of their in-class storytelling presentations before doing them to the class. Students are encouraged to call and make appointments early. This required visit carries weight towards their final in-class presentation. Students must go to the Center no later than the close of business the week before the class will present their work in the classroom. This requires students to be ready early enough to incorporate serious practice & adjustments. The practice session in the Center is recorded and played back before any feedback is offered.

IARC- Professor Sarawgi’s Studio Class

Each semester, the students enrolled in this studio class are scheduled to come into the Center to practice their final presentations during their regular 4-hour studio class time. The staff at the Center applies specific presentation guides in offering feedback. The guides are approved by the IARC department. The professor makes the appointments in advance and is present in the Center to answer any questions her students might have. Students are only in the Center during their scheduled appointment time.

NUR 210/310

Students in this class have been required to come to the Center to practice a mock nurse-patient interview in teams of two. Each student takes a turn at being the nurse in this role-playing exercise as the two interviews are recorded. The interviews are played back for the two students to view with our consultants before any feedback is offered. Areas identified by NUR faculty as important to cover in the consultation are active listening, self disclosure, positive nonverbal affirmation, and eye contact.

Spanish 311

Professor Hontanilla’s students are required to visit the Speaking Center to practice their speeches. These speeches are spoken in Spanish with a consultant who understands Spanish well enough that they are able to provide feedback (in English).

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