In-person Consultations

We provide a place for speakers to get feedback, ask questions, and have conversations about their own public, interpersonal, and group communication. While all of our work has temporary moved to the online environment, we remain a judgment-free space in which our primary goal is to meet speakers where they are at in their speaking process. Some speakers make appointments to receive support on completing the oral communication elements of course assignments, while others have personal or professional oral communication goals they wish to focus on.

Two day policy – Those seeking to utilize our consultation services for an upcoming presentation need to arrange for their appointment to take place at least two days before their final speech is to be uploaded or presented.

Communication Center Directors attending the 12th Annual Excellence at the Center Conference agreed that our 2-day policy is a best practice for supporting speakers as they make their way through the speech making process. This policy better ensures that speakers visit us during the process of speech discovery and organization.

Five minute policy – It’s important that the consultation starts on time so that we can finish up on time. If we can’t start by 5 minutes after we’ll need to reschedule. If you are coming in with a group, we can start even if someone is missing from your group.

Viewing recorded speech – We view speeches via projector so that the image is large enough for us to see a speaker’s face.  While speakers are welcome to plug their device into our PC for projecting, doing so will require them having the proper cord and/or adapter. Instead, we recommend that speeches be saved to UNCG Google Drive or another cloud/sharing location before arriving for a video viewing/goal setting session.

Bring a friend – Video goal setting and English conversation practice are the only sessions we open up to bringing another person.  “Friends” are welcome in the consultation room only if they are also completing the same assignment during the session.  Otherwise, friends can wait in our lobby.  Speakers who have companion needs associated with ADA will always receive accommodation. 

Call to arrange your appointment: (336) 256-1346 or login to Trac Cloud

Here is a quick guide on how to make an appointment through Trac Cloud


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