Support for Non-Native Speakers

Interlink Group

Conversation Consultation

We provide the only place on campus where English Language Learners and Non-Native Speakers of English can have low-stakes conversations about communication with Native English Speakers. These one-on-one conversation consultations provide speakers with a place to practice English, while considering nonverbal elements of conversation, such as: eye contact, gestures, facial expressions, use of space, silence, body movement, cultural artifacts, clothing, and gender difference. These sessions take place in 3211 MHRA Building.  Call 336.256.1346 or stop by 3211 MHRA to arrange an appointment. 

Let’s Talk

We offer two weekly Let’s Talk programs.  Both are intended to provide a safe place for English Language Learners and Non-Native Speakers of English to participate in activities which are fun opportunities to practice English in a group setting.  

Let’s Talk Wednesday takes place on the 3rd floor of the MHRA Building at UNCG from 2:30 – 3:30 and is open to all

Let’s Talk Friday will resume in the fall.  It has a science focus, takes place at the Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering from 1:30 -2:30, and is open to all in STEM 

Virtual Reality + Conversation Practice
English language learners in Interlink CS4 & CS5 or UNCG’s English as an additional language speakers are invited to participate in these 30 minute face-to-face conversation practice consultations which incorporate VR.  Sessions start with viewing ten minutes of a VR science/nature/arts/culture/travel/news video then we shift to conversation about the shared VR experience.  Speakers get to pick the type of video they want to view and they will need to arrive with their own smart phone in hand.  We will provide the VR viewing devices which attach to the phone.  These sessions take place in 3211 MHRA Building. Call 336.256.1346 or stop by 3211 MHRA to arrange an appointment.
JSNN Students: Contact Kim Cuny 

Looking for help with accent reduction? Contact UNCG’s Speech and Hearing Center to learn about registering for their undergraduate course.


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