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Spring 2006 – Community Outreach

Glenwood Library’s English Conversation Class

Four consultants talked with students of the Glenwood Library’s English Conversation Class about public speaking skills. The students in the class are from different parts of the world, and they take the class in order to improve their English speaking skills.

Greensboro Youth Leadership

Two consultants presented interactive workshops on the basics of public speaking to a select group of high school students from the Triad area.

Interlink Language Center at UNCG

Consultants facilitate interactive workshops for these students related to mock trial, debate, and basic public speaking delivery skills. Consultants also do one-on-one consultations for these students. This is an on-going project.

Weaver Academy

At Weaver Academy, two consultants presented two interactive workshops for graduating seniors, explaining how to organize and deliver effective presentations.

Lutheran Family Services

One consultant worked on a semester-long project with Lutheran Family Services (LFS). This agency helps individual and community refugees by providing English language training, employment, and assistance in finding housing, school placement, and getting medical check-ups. The consultant working on the project facilitated workshops for LFS staff and clients (refugees) on various communication topics such as culture shock, basic presentation skills and group work.

Boys and Girls Club

This semester several consultants worked on a storytelling project for the Boys and Girls club. The Boys and Girls Club is part of a national program to encourage and support children who otherwise might not have anywhere to go. Two pairs of consultants went to the Boys and Girls Club on two different days to do activities with the children and teach them storytelling. At the end of the semester, the children had the opportunity to present the stories they worked on during the semester. The children in this program are between the ages of six and eleven.

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