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Spring 2009 – Community Outreach

Mineral Spring Middle School – Dance

Speaking Center consultants taught 7th graders at Mineral Spring Middle School the fundamentals of group presentations and how to incorporate PowerPoint slides into their presentations. Consultants discussed ways to manage public speaking anxiety to prepare students for speaking to their fellow peers and the PTA.

Joseph’s House

Joseph’s House is a non-profit organization that helps formally homeless women and men find supportive, nurturing homes where they can find acceptance and be loved. Speaking Center consultants developed and facilitated workshop on organization skills and the tools for an effective oral presentation.

Interlink Language Center at UNCG

Consultants facilitated interactive workshops for these students related to culture shock, mock trial, debate, persuasion, and basic public speaking delivery skills. Consultants also do one-on-one consultations for these students. This is an on-going project which supports the development of many nonverbal behaviors associated with interpersonal communication here in the USA.

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