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Steven, Graduate Assistant

During my CST 412 internship in spring 2020, I was asked to lead a workshop in the School of Music along with the graduate assistant, Keviele McBride. I had never led a workshop before, so I was initially nervous. However, as I practiced the workshop with Keviele, I became more confident in what I needed to do for my part. I also reminded myself that this workshop was about the students in the School of Music, not me, which helped me stay focused. The incredible support I received from Keviele pulled everything together. The day of the workshop came, and as I walked down to the School of Music Building, I felt a sense of calm. This was unusual for me, since I am often anxious. The workshop went well, and the audience was very engaged with the presentation. After the workshop, I was offered an opportunity to become a graduate assistant at the Speaking Center! I accepted the position and am looking forward to it. As I reflect on the road I took to get here, leading this workshop was a very important part of my journey, and that is why this is my favorite Speaking Center story.

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