Support For Center Directors


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Support For Center Directors

As members of the communication center community we are happy to provide support to others.

Our Resource Suggestions for Starting a Center

A new publication for those getting started:

Staweser, M. G., Apostel, S., Carpenter, R., Cuny, K., Dvorak, K., & Head, K.  (2019), The Centrality of the Center: Best Practices for Developing a Robust Communication Center on Campus. Carolinas Communication Association Annual, XXXV, 98-106. Retrieved from

Our Communicating Science INNOVATE Pedagogical Practices

The University Speaking Center at UNC Greensboro’s archival account of communicating science pedagogy developed and/or facilitated by Kim Cuny, Erin Harrison, Taylor, Williams, Jenny Southard, and Miranda Tonkins. Most of these interventions were funded by a UNC Greensboro INNOVATE grant.

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