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I’m Geoff Bailey with the Student Success Center and we’ve utilized the University Speaking Center for a variety of training needs for our tutors. In particular, we’ve had them come in and facilitate sessions on immediacy and helping our tutors understand the impact that environment has on fostering excellent relationships with their students. So we’re really excited to be able to support them and we definitely recommend that other groups and organizations take advantage of the wonderful services that they have.
–Dr. Geoff Bailey, Associate Director, Student Success Center

As I’m working with students who need additional academic support, one thing I find that continually trips up students are the speaking intensive classes or any class that requires a presentation. I know that any career path that a student chooses is going to have components of public speaking incorporated into it somehow, so I love that there’s a place on campus that I can refer these students to. Students are relieved to hear there’s someone who will sit down with them and help them prepare their presentation and practice their public speaking skills. The online consultations and the face-to-face consultations, they’re just wonderful. I love the Speaking Center.
–Holly Grabowski, Coordinator of Academic Outreach, Students First Office

With your help this year I have been able to have more confidence in my public speaking, As a result, my last evaluations turned out great!
–J. Smith

Thank to everyone who helped me with my speeches. It really made a difference.
–Chris Fay, Grounds

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