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“I just wanted to follow up and extend a big thank you for your advice a few weeks ago. I gave my presentation at the NC Geographic Information Science conference on March 1 and felt so much more confident after implementing your suggestions for a better introduction and conclusion.
Additionally, thank you for advising me to use the mouse to point rather than turning around to point at the screen. What a difference that makes! I saw other people doing that all day, and you were right — that is a good way to lose the audience.

Thank you again, it was a pleasure working with you and I really appreciate your help.”
–Best Regards, Anita Henderson, UNCG Grad Student

“I thoroughly enjoyed last week’s [workshop] presentation. Public speaking is a weakness of mine and I found the information and examples provided very helpful. I have utilized the speaking center [one-on one tutoring] services and would highly recommend them to anyone who struggles with public speaking.”
–MPH Student, February 2005

“I felt as though I had more confidence in public speaking when I left the [workshop] presentation. I plan on using the articles and the knowledge that I gained from them to help in [my] future presentations. I liked the way they were so excited about providing us with this information and that they too used the skills that they were talking about. I may actually go to the speaking center now because I have heard them speak.”
— MPH Student, February 2005

“I feel that by going to just this one visit, I learned some vital skills to help me through this speaking intensive course.”
–Dana Thornton, Bryan Business School

“Going to the speaking center made me all around more comfortable when it came down to doing my speech in front of my peers. They were friendly and answered all questions that I needed answered, the speaking center was an overall great experience for me”
–Ray Bristow

“I know now that I can get in front of a group of peers and give a speech with confidence.”
–Catherine Ozgunduz

“From my experience, I feel that the speaking center here on campus is a good source you should make use of!”
–Shua Lor

“The Speaking Center was a very helpful place to help me deal with the anxiety I used to have before giving the speech.”
–Kevin Keene

“I can get up in front of an audience and feel confident about myself and what I have to say.”
–Ashley Hart

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