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Will, Managing Consultant

I joined the Speaking Center in the Fall of 2020, when I enrolled in CST 390, the speaking center theory and practice course. It was the first time the class was offered completely virtual class since the start of COVID-19. Because things were now completely online, I was worried my experience at the center wasn’t going to be the same as all the others before mine, and it wasn’t. However, it didn’t make things any less fun and energetic than I anticipated! During my semester in 390, I worked with two other students as Desk Managers for the center and was fortunate enough to start working with all the other consultants immediately. Joining the Speaking Center, many 390s are worried they’ll feel left out since everybody is already so tight-knit. Still, we were all pretty quickly taken in by those who worked there before us and made us feel just as much a part of their family as everybody else. 

I’m not sure I have any particular story at the Speaking Center to pick as my favorite, but I’ve appreciated all the time spent and all the people I’ve met and become friends with through that time there. Things like working with the community at Peacehaven on Fridays, going to NACC, presenting and spending time with my friends, working over the summers, and even our regular shifts being able to speak freely with everybody were part of what made my moments at UNCG so valuable and memorable to me. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to work at the Speaking Center and for all the people I have gotten close to through my time there. And even though I’ll still be in touch, I will miss spending time with everybody on my regular shifts between my classes!

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