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Can I require my students to visit the speaking center for consultation support?

Yes. Research from Southern Mississippi found that the only reason students will visit a communication center is if their faculty member communicates value for doing so.  At UNCG, that means requiring them to visit.  We have been providing online consultations since before 2010 and have been teleworking since March 14th. We are prepared to tutor students remotely. It is best to arrange this with our coordinator so that we can ensure there is ample staff available to meet the needs of your students. We will work with you regardless of when you want your students to visit.

Our coordinator:

Jenny Southard


King, M. L., & Atkins Sayre, W. (2012). Focusing on faculty: The importance of faculty support to communication center success. In E. Yook & W. Atkins Sayre (Eds.), Communication centers and oral communication programs in higher education: Advantages, challenges, and new directions (pp. 147-162). Lanham, MD: Lexington.

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