Practice Coaching Sessions


Fall & Spring Semester Semester
Monday-Thursday: 10am-7pm
Friday: 9-12noon
Saturday: closed
Sunday: 4pm-8pm

Practice Coaching Sessions

During practice coaching sessions, Williams video recorded each group while they practiced delivering their presentation. All of these sessions took place in a vacant classroom or conference space at JSNN and were scheduled for 60 minutes. However, a few practice sessions lasted as long as 90 – 120 minutes because students wanted to view their practice video, then discuss techniques/strategies on how to improve. At the start of each session, Williams would set up the recording equipment, and group members would set up for the projection of their powerpoint presentation. Then, group members would practice as if it was their final presentation. These practices helped group members with transitioning between speakers. Furthermore, group members were able to self identify areas of the presentation which needed improvement. At the end of the practice, Williams would provide feedback and suggest public speaking strategies. After each practice session, Williams would upload the practice video to an online storage platform and share it with the presenters.

This is part of The University Speaking Center at UNC Greensboro’s archival account of communicating science pedagogy developed and/or facilitated by Kim Cuny, Erin Harrison, Taylor, Williams, Jenny Southard, and Miranda Tonkins. Most of these interventions were funded by a UNC Greensboro INNOVATE grant.

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