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Erika, Managing Consultant

I have enjoyed all of the things that I have been able to accomplish as a Speaking Center Consultant. Throughout my two years here I have been able to complete an internship, an independent study, and be a manager! I have opportunities to meet speakers from all over the world, present at conferences, and make wonderful friends. My favorite memory from my time in the speaking center has to do with a time when the Speaking Center was asked to help an FYE Class with their UNCG Success Plan Assignment. My co-workers and I had the opportunity to join Kim, Erin, and Jenny during this process. We all partnered up with about two students and helped them organize their speeches. We began to ask them a series of open ended questions about their speeches and began to provide them with feedback. What I loved about this consultation was that we brought our resources into the classroom. We brought our report forms, tipsheets, and surveys. This essentially brought the Speaking Center into the classroom which  benefited the students and the consultants! We all had the opportunity to work with speakers simultaneously and give personalized feedback to the students.


What I love about the speaking center is our ability to meet speakers where they are! Since the Speaking Center is such an adaptable place we are able to work with a variety of speakers and meet different needs. Helping the FYE class is just one example as to how the Speaking Center does this. Had we not gone into the FYE class not all of these students would have had the opportunity to make an appointment with the Speaking Center. I learned from this experience that students can learn from us in a variety of ways. Bringing the speaking center to the classroom made all the difference for these students. I am so happy I was able to become a part of something like this and help students with their speeches!

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