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Gabrielle Austin

BS, Marketing, 2012
Online Services Administrator, Innovative Inc.

Innovative Inc. manages over 200 different online Christian bookstores and ministry/church websites. My position requires me to communicate between five different departments. I’m in constant communication through email and in person with those departments. But that’s just internal communication. I also communicate with approximately 20 different vendors and thousands of online customers over the phone and through email. We have weekly staff meetings where I give presentations about what my department and other departments did that week.

On the other side of life, my fiancee is a youth pastor, and being his significant other, I’m required to be in communication with all the youth at church as well as lead Bible study sometimes. This involves a lot of interpersonal communication and public speaking.

Thanks to the Speaking Center, I have learned to actively listen and communicate effectively in my personal relationships, handle public speaking as well as interpersonal communication at church and in leadership with ease, and communicate to a large vast audience over different levels of communication. Thanks to what I learned at the Speaking Center, I not only grew to be an effective leader in communication, but help others around me in all areas of “my world” become effective communicators as well.

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