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Katheline, Managing Consultant

It is quite difficult to have to choose a favorite moment after being at the Speaking Center for 6 semesters. After some thought, I think I will talk about my first day there.

Spring 2018, second semester of my freshman year. I was still somewhat new and nervous about this campus and college life in general, and had yet to get to meet people and come out of my shell. When I learned about the opportunity at the SC, I did not hesitate to accept and has been one of the greatest decisions of my college career. 

The first day I stepped foot in the room, my stomach was rumbling, I was extra nervous and had no idea what to expect. I was greeted by the desk manager with a huge smile on her face and one of the senior consultants at the time, Tambrea. Tambrea was really welcoming, got me to talking right away and did everything she could to make sure I was comfortable and feeling good. Honestly…I felt great. I had calmed down and started talking to others and by the end of my “shift”, it had seemed like I had met these people before. I truly appreciated that they got me talking and making me feel like I belonged as soon as I came in. I soon realized that the SC functioned like a real family. People support you through the good, and find ways to help you in the bad and the ugly. From that moment on, I promised myself to make sure I did what Tambrea and the rest of the staff did to me so that no other person (staff or not) would feel uncomfortable as the new person in the room. 

Additionally, I have noticed quite some growth on my end after being here 6 semesters. I have learned many new things personally and professionally and have added new skills on top of the ones I already possessed.

I am happy that I am graduating December 2020 but am sad to accept that I will not be here again the semesters to come. I am very grateful for the many opportunities provided to me through the Speaking Center and will always be appreciative of the other family it provided me with.

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