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Kellar, Desk Manager

My story is about how we interact with Peacehaven at the UNCG Speaking Center, and my first time volunteering and helping create a lesson plan. Becca asked me to think of a cool interactive activity for us to do for Valentines Day. I was nervous that the core members wouldn’t enjoy it, but everyone ended up having a good time. For the activity, we traced their hands on red paper in the shape of a heart and had them write forms of nonverbal communication (our lesson for the day) on each finger. I really enjoyed getting to know the core members as well as Joy, Becca, Rachel, Kara, and Wisam, as this was the first time I had really interacted with them outside of the Speaking Center. I learned that I can use my creativity to help others and teach things in a fun and interactive way. Now, anytime I see Jeff he asks me to think of a fun art activity for us to do!

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