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Kiran, Communication Consultant

I walked into my first day of 390 nervous, confused and uncertain. I had no idea what to expect. Kim began the class by giving us a detailed overview of the course. I felt overwhelmed after seeing what was to come, but that changed almost immediately. After introducing the course, Kim had all of us complete a unique icebreaker activity. With the person sitting next to us, we had fifteen minutes to learn about them. We asked questions such as “Where are you from?”, “What is at the top of your bucket list?” and “What do you seek to gain from this course?”. After learning about our partners, we each had to go around the room and introduce them to the class. As each group went, they had to memorize the names of the classmates that presented before them. Each person had a unique story. Not only did we learn everyone’s name, but we learned about everyone’s personal experiences, families and hardships. From this moment, we had established a form of trust and genuine connection. From day one, we developed an unbreakable bond. We respect, care and support one another. We started to work as a team, rather than ten separate students. 

We began by making a group chat. This is where we worked on assignments and helped each other with understanding the readings. This was also where we shared countless memes, gifs and uncontrollable laughter. It was a space where we could gather and share our feelings and ask for advice. We spent time together inside and outside of class. We celebrated birthdays and big accomplishments. We stuck together and watched as each one of us completed our checklists and went solo. 390 was a challenge, but through the help of one another, we successfully finished the course. At the end of the semester, we celebrated by going out to dinner. As we sat together, we reflected on our experiences as 390 students. We reflected on the progress that each of us has made. We had become more confident, cohesive and expressive. We shared our excitement of finally becoming Speaking Consultants, and our goals for the upcoming semester. Lastly, we shared our appreciation for one another, and our appreciation for the center. I’d like to thank Kim for sparking such a strong relationship between all of us, and giving me such great friends that I never knew I needed.

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