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Schwartzman Invites Students to Participate in Discussion Panel & Brings Home Award

UNCG Speaking Center Communication Consultants and Dr Roy Schwartzman, our Faculty Fellow for Undergraduate Research, won the 2018 Top Applied Learning Panel Award at the Conference on Applied Learning in Higher Education held in Wilmington, NC on March 8-10. The panel, “Communication Centers as Hubs of Applied Learning,” featured the following presentations:

“Applied Learning as Empowerment Through Teaching: Communication Activism Pedagogy,” by Elauna Pettigrew

“Building Oral Communication Skills in Underserved Communities: Mentoring Developmentally Challenged Communicators,” by Caroline Bolin, Erika Forslund, Rebecca Ray, & Abigail Thomas

“Undergraduate Research in and on Communication Centers: Generating Scholarship of Teaching, Learning, and Student Success,” by Roy Schwartzman

Funding provided by UNCG’s Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Creativity Office allowed our students to participate.

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