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Statement on the Value of Black Lives

The University Speaking Center at UNC Greensboro believes all life is equal and must be valued as such. We are part of one race; the human race. The recent killings of Black Americans, part of an ongoing pattern of brutality and violence, is an all too painful and constant reminder of America’s historical treatment of black lives. Systemic racism in this country has perpetuated bigotry and hatred toward black and brown people. Those of us with privilege cannot continue to stand silent while our fellow human beings are stripped of their dignity; their well-being disregarded, and treated as less than equal. Our organization has always put equality at the forefront of our code of ethics:

  • We strive not to judge one another, but instead to practice openness toward each other and the speakers we work with through acceptance and respect for diversity.
  • We will create an atmosphere of sensitivity by demonstrating an awareness of all areas of diversity and being accountable for our actions.

We affirm our commitment to using our voice and to encouraging others to use their voices to stand up against racism and the conscious disregard for human life. A collective voice will lead to collective action.

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