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Steven Stein

BA, Communication Studies, 2006
eServices Solution Manager with Advance Auto Parts

My role is to help sell products and train salespeople within in our organization around a few specific products in the eCommerce world. What I learned from the Speaking Center is directly responsible for the success I enjoy today. One of my tasks is to present and train these products to all new hires. This means I am presenting three times a year to about fifty people each time.

Utilizing the way feedback is given in the SC, I was able to reshape a performance review process at Advance. This process is facilitated twice a year to help sales people in our organization continue to perform better. I also use this process when field training with any new reps as they begin a sales process.

The most important thing I learned from my time at the Speaking Center is the value of receiving feedback. This alone can shape where we go in life both professionally and personally. This ability I use at work and at home, with my family, daily.

I am grateful for the experience I gained. To this day I expect my own speaking anxiety monster to revisit me each time I have a big presentation or training session to give. Thanks to my time at the SC, I’m always prepared for it.

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