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Yarumy, Communication Consultant

On the first day of our training class, CST 390, I walked into a small and different set-up classroom with little windows that barely let any light in. I remember asking one of my classmates, Gracie, if this was the correct classroom and if she was a part of CST 390 to double-check. The set up for the classroom was different because it had a U-shape with a small table in the middle, some people sat on the outside while others sat in the middle.

Erin and Kim sat together by the small windows. We all talked about how small and different the room was. We all started that we did not like the classroom nor the little lighting that it was bringing in. We all laughed at Kim when she tried opening the windows because then we could all hear the construction work that was across the building and the loud cars.

Kim and Erin explained that this class was going to be different from other classes. They stated that we would grow as a family and have a deeper connection with each other than our other classes/classmates. We all kind of looked at each other and laughed. 

The first day of class, CST 390, was a nerve-wracking experience but reflecting back now it blows my mind how we were all strangers. Now we have all gotten close to each other.

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