In-Classroom Group Consultations

Since around 2016 we have been invited to send speaking center consultants into select Introduction to Communication classrooms to join faculty in intentionally supporting students while they are working on their group projects.  A 2017 published research article outlines where this work started and the early results we found.  We know from this research that putting speaking center consultants into the classroom to support group work makes a difference.  Additional research is underway.

In 2019 we shifted to offering this support to the entire UNCG campus community.  Faculty, if you would like for us to send our speaking center consultants into your classroom to support group work, as it is happening, email with your request.

Faculty looking for us to teach their students about how to work in a group and/or how to present as a group, can find more info about interactive instructional workshops or micro-learning videos can be found here. 

We can also work with groups who wish to practice their presentation on the 3rd floor of MHRA, in the Speaking Center.  Call 336-256-1346 to secure those appointments.  Faculty who want to ensure that their students practice can arrange in advance for us to work with their whole class during regular class time as well, email with your request.

Photo credit: Taylor Williams

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